Quand les enfants écrivent les génocides : théories – textes – témoignages - Colloque


09 - Suzanne Kaplan - Children in Genocide: Extreme traumatization and affect regulation

Suzanne Kaplan (Uppsala University)

Children in Genocide: Extreme traumatization and affect regulation


Videotaped in-depth interviews with Holocaust child survivors and subsequent interviews with child survivors from the Rwanda genocide 1994 have created the base for an extensive research project on extreme traumatization. The psychological phenomena identified in the interviews concern memory images and affects - what and how the interviewees present their life stories. A conceptual model about trauma- and generational-linking processes—the ‘affect propeller’ will be presented. This model may be seen with the different expressions of affect regulation as an illustration of how complex the psychological processes are for every survivor of extreme trauma. The model may also be used as an analytic tool for the temporary present focus of the affect regulation of an individual as part of the trauma process. Transformation of traumatic experiences into narratives that may be integrated in one's own life history and thereby prevent silence will also be discussed.

Conflit : Tous conflits 20-21e s

Auteur : Silke Segler-Meßner, Isabella von Treskow dir.
Date : 1902-2001
Discipline: Littérature